Vac-It-All Services, Inc.

Posted by Vac-It-All Services, Inc. - April 3, 2011 - Business - No Comments

This year we will reach 32 years in business, and the name Vac-It-All has said it all in the roof vacuuming industry–across the United States, through Canada and even as far away as Paris, France. Founded in 1979, we have grown to become one of the largest roof vacuuming companies in the world. Utilizing a large fleet of the finest equipment in the industry, Vac-It-All Services Inc. will prepare the roof surface to fill your specific needs. While we have met the challenge of vacuuming large ballast rock from a 47 story high rise, we routinely service clients who specialize in projects fewer than 100 square. For roofing systems that require extra cleanliness, such as spray foam, direct mopping of the deck, spraying primers or cold applied resaturant, we regularly “wet vac” the gravel and dirt using high pressure water jets. This insures an ultra-clean surface to which your roofing product can be applied. Roof vacuuming is just one of the many services we offer you. With our state of the art equipment and technological expertise we are able to “blowback” rock and stone directly to your roof deck. Utilizing high powered air pressure, we can “blowback” up to 10 stories or at a distance of 1,000 feet from the initial load point. We also market and sell customized “bladder bags” that ensure air tight discharge into any size loading vessel from one yard totes to 40 yard dumpster trailers. To better serve you, Vac-It-All Services, Inc. operates and maintains a million dollar fleet of equipment. This investment, plus our “whatever-it-takes” attitude allows us to provide you with the prompt professional service you deserve.