Industrial Cleanup

Vac-It-All Services, Inc. is a commercial/industrial vacuum contracting company. We provide the labor and air moving equipment designed to remove or transfer a variety of materials. The following text shows some of the applications for which our services can be used.

Filtered Media: We can remove sand, gravel, activated carbon, and ceramic filter beads from both open and enclosed water filtration tanks and vessels. Our services have been used by both commercial bottling companies and industrial plants nationwide.

Confined Spaces: We can provide vacuum equipment and trained personnel to enter and clean enclosed tanks, pits, silos, and other confined spaces found in manufacturing and processing plants.

Pneumatic Material Conveying (“Blowback” Services): All types of materials can be blown back into place using our state of the art transfer system. We can backfill aggregate, desiccants, and many other dry products.

Hydro-Blasting: We can pressure wash any surface or piece of equipment such as removing old paint or product buildup off of floors and walls, cleaning dirt or rust off of structures or machinery, and leave the original surfaces undamaged.

Vacuum Excavation: Our vacuum equipment can excavate deposits or spills that occur in mills and plants including grains, sand, or dense rock. We can “pull it” out of almost anywhere.

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industrial vacuum cleanup
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